Previous models

Some pictures of the stuff I have built and flown, earliest first.

  • Galaxy Models Gazelle 4 Ran it with a Merco glow engine (keeping it british)


  • Morley Hughes 300 mk3


  • Easy Pigeon electric glider
    It was running a tuned 680 can motor with an 8.4volt battery. Came to grief with a radio issue from a great height :(


  • Twinstar Mk1
    great fun, broken in a house move, think this is the model I have flown the most hours on.


  • Tutor .40
    Getting myself back into glow flying I got myself one of these. Perished on a deadstick landing (teach me to fit an MDS .40) hitting the only solid object in a 30 acre field


There are more, will add to the list as I remember.