OS 120 installed in the Wot

Had all sorts of problems getting it to run at anything above idle until I spotted I had the feed and return pipes from the tank back to front, doh.
Just need to trim the throttle correctly, add a splice to the fuel line so I can fuel it easier, add a remote for the choke and mixture needle and get a smaller prop.

ST3000 first run

Well I finally got around to running up the Wot 4 / ST3000. Glow driver installed earlier, makes for hassle free starting. Bad news is that its noisy. Think the OS fs-120 will get put in the Wot now

Wot 4 XL

Its complete except for balancing up correctly & fitting the cowl. Going to leave the cowl fitting until I am happy with the Super Tigre up front. Hopefully will get its first flight on wednesday, perfect flying conditions now but work is geting in the way, better be nice on wednesday. Will post up some pictures on wednesday, and maybe some video too.

Motor changes

I seem to have a complete set of OS four strokes for all the nitro planes now (thanks ebay), even have a spare one to sell! Plans to fit the ST3000 in the Wot have changed, just picked up an OS FS 120 pumped for the Wot. The FW is getting an OS91FS, the Travel Air is sporting an OS70FS and have another OS91FS for something on the shopping list (another warbird).

So heading for ebay are the ST3000, Thunder Tiger GP42 and a grubby OS46. Unsure weather or not to hang onto the 48 Surpass in case something else takes my fancy….

Flight battery for the Wot 4

Found this from the place I got the twinstar batteries, like the idea of a high capacity 6v power for the flight pack. Comes with Futaba & Tamiya connectors so will work with all my chargers & will take a fast charge off my pro-peak charger

Wot 4 XL

Fancied something a bit bigger and the local model shop ( www.whitchurchmodels.co.uk ) had a few WOT 4 XL’s in. They are rated for up to a 120 glow motor, now I have had a Super Tigre S3000 sat in the attic for years waiting to be put in something so I decided to shoe horn it into the Wot4. I plan to convert it over to petrol from glow fuel so it will lose a bit of power, but still expect verticle performance!


What is in the box

Marking up the firewall to see if the mount will fit.

Already had the motor mounted in a nylon mount, with the current holes it just touched the floor. Given it is a big motor for the airframe I decided to trim the floor a little to keep the motor as far back as I can.

Just touching the floor

Difficult to see but I have trimmed the floor so that there is 10mm of clearance to the rear of the head

Engine mounted, radio install next :)