The RV-4 arrived, and its had a hard trip, cowl & a wheel spat are cracked & chipped, plus the fuselage floor behind the wing is split & the former broken. Time to test HobbyKing’s returns system :(

Van’s RV-4

I have been hunting down a Hangar 9 RV-8 for a year and yet to find a new kit, I think they have been discontinued since 2013 now so given up hope. After posting a request for an RV-8 over on RCME’s forum I was directed to an RV-4 HobbyKing sell.

Seems I have another addition to the hangar now! If only the weather would improve so I could actually go an fly some of them!

HobbyKing Go Discover

Had an email off HobbyKing this morning, these are currently on offer at about 1/2 price so took the plunge & bought one & a couple of 4s Lipo’s.
My first flying wing! Will have to get a go pro sorted now :)



FPV looks good!


St. George’s RAF Chapel of Remembrance


By March 2016,the Royal Air Force/Ministry of Defence are withdrawing all support from the Chapel. If no one or group takes on the responsibility of this magnificent Memorial Chapel, it will be closed without access to the public or church services.

This Chapel was built as a Memorial to Aircrew, who had their lives taken in World War ll, they fought and they died. We, today, have the freedom to forget.


Low fliying

No updates for a while, been spending time over Christmas with my present from the wife, Axial JK Wrangler G6, rock crawling in 1/10th scale is great fun!

G6 Wrangler



Winters over (ish) and the weekend weather forcast is good, time to dust off the Twinstar & stir the sticks again. Checked over & conditioned the battery packs so just need a dry & still day.

During the off season I have been flying on Phoenix 4. They have just release an update to version 5

Phoenix 5

Work and Weather

Are keeping me from a maiden flight on the Wot. Had a few flights with the twink over the last 2 months but every free weekend it seems to rain :(