Go Pro

Finally got myself a Go Pro off ebay, video quality is much improved, unfortunately upload speeds to youtube are in hours now due to really slow broadband & bigger files :(

Need to find a lower mount for the camera, it sticks up a bit too high above the wing and upsets the stability of the Twinstar a bit, also makes a good air brake!

New flying site

Now have access to a new flying field a few minutes walk from my house :)
Hopefully if the weather isn’t too breezy I will be able to get up there with the Twinstar & post some videos

A sunny June 1st

Managed to get a couple of flights in on the Twink. Camera working okay this time :) Managed to bash one of the aileron pushrods walking into the field which bent it slightly & required a bit of trim on the first flight, other than that and some poor attempts at landing on the narrow track in the long grass some good flights. Looks like the field will be cut for silage shortly so will try and get the Travelair out for some nitro flying




Finally a good flying day

Finally a nice flying day when I am not working :) 2 good flights in the twink over St Chads including some soaring with a Buzzard. Just got back to check the video & it seems it han’t recorded¬† :(

Also tried out a new flying patch I have access to, too rough for anything other than the Twinstar but a nice bit flat field. Did have some video of it but lost that also. Maybe later in the week.

Parked again

:( twinstar “parked” heavily again. Was running the new motors and the smaller props, did 1 circuit and lost all control/power and bent/burst the nose badly & ripped out the wing mounts. Wasn’t a brown out as it didn’t go into failsafe (had left aileron on as it crashed not neutral). My own stupid fault, I have had doubts about the ESC after the last 2 flights, but it always tested okay on the bench. Since first crash I have replaced the batteries, motors & Rx. Think the twink is glue-able but l am loosing faith in electrickery.