Motor changes

I seem to have a complete set of OS four strokes for all the nitro planes now (thanks ebay), even have a spare one to sell! Plans to fit the ST3000 in the Wot have changed, just picked up an OS FS 120 pumped for the Wot. The FW is getting an OS91FS, the Travel Air is sporting an OS70FS and have another OS91FS for something on the shopping list (another warbird).

So heading for ebay are the ST3000, Thunder Tiger GP42 and a grubby OS46. Unsure weather or not to hang onto the 48 Surpass in case something else takes my fancy….

OS FS .91 Surpass

Got a used OS .91 from ebay, seems in good order, unsure of age though. Plan to stick this into the FW-190 and convert to petrol. The 190 kit stated a .60 four stroke on glow fuel so don’t think the .91 on petrol will be too bad. Will also mean I can move the fuel tank close to the CoG and remove the bit of lead it needed with the .48. Unsure what to do with the OS fs .48 now, do I put it in the Travel Air…..