The 109

After looking at it in the box for months & having no where to build it until my workshop is built I decided to ebay it off. It is now flying in Southern Italy! Workshop build is back under way and have my eye on a 73″ Warkhawk I have seen for sale. Need to get the workshop finished first though!

Hangar 9 bf109

A few shots of the fuz & wings. Need to clear the workbench (dining room table!) to start assembling. Quality is nice but I really need to look at a better solution for the tailwheel, the stock tailwheel is far too forward and very unscale like.

A Higher Call

Whilts looking around on youtube for a 109 I found this video, not come across this story before, will need to get a copy of the book as it looks a good read.


You can never have enough planes, and the formula for the correct amount to have is N+1, where N is the current amount of planes you own.
I have applied the above rule & thanks to ebay have a Hangar 9 109 on its way to me :)

Also managed some more flights over the Wiltshire downs with the twinstar, will upload the video shortly. Travelair will get into the sky soon I hope!