Hangar 9 bf109

A few shots of the fuz & wings. Need to clear the workbench (dining room table!) to start assembling. Quality is nice but I really need to look at a better solution for the tailwheel, the stock tailwheel is far too forward and very unscale like.

Glow Plug driver

Just bought a glow driver for the Super Tigre on the Wot4. Will see how it goes on the ST, may get some for the rest of the planes. I quite like the idea of not needing to plug anything in to start the engine.

Can be found on ebay here heliaddictuk


Have far too many chargers about so decided to buy a single “catch all” charger that will also do Lipo for any future stuff I may get. Overlander seemed the best value for what you get, also got  some wire and plugs to make up a long lead to do the flight packs with the tamiya plugs I now have. Will be able to fast charge them for a quick turn around now :)

Overlander charger


Wot 4 XL

Its complete except for balancing up correctly & fitting the cowl. Going to leave the cowl fitting until I am happy with the Super Tigre up front. Hopefully will get its first flight on wednesday, perfect flying conditions now but work is geting in the way, better be nice on wednesday. Will post up some pictures on wednesday, and maybe some video too.

A Higher Call

Whilts looking around on youtube for a 109 I found this video, not come across this story before, will need to get a copy of the book as it looks a good read.


You can never have enough planes, and the formula for the correct amount to have is N+1, where N is the current amount of planes you own.
I have applied the above rule & thanks to ebay have a Hangar 9 109 on its way to me :)

Also managed some more flights over the Wiltshire downs with the twinstar, will upload the video shortly. Travelair will get into the sky soon I hope!