Motor changes

I seem to have a complete set of OS four strokes for all the nitro planes now (thanks ebay), even have a spare one to sell! Plans to fit the ST3000 in the Wot have changed, just picked up an OS FS 120 pumped for the Wot. The FW is getting an OS91FS, the Travel Air is sporting an OS70FS and have another OS91FS for something on the shopping list (another warbird).

So heading for ebay are the ST3000, Thunder Tiger GP42 and a grubby OS46. Unsure weather or not to hang onto the 48 Surpass in case something else takes my fancy….

Building progress

Twinstar back in 1 piece & ready to go again (fingers crossed this time!)
Travel Air is progressing, motor mounted mounted up (OS FS70) all hinged surfaces mounted, pushrods fitted, just radio gear and fuel tank/pipework to fit, fuel proof the engine bay then fire it up



Parked again

:( twinstar “parked” heavily again. Was running the new motors and the smaller props, did 1 circuit and lost all control/power and bent/burst the nose badly & ripped out the wing mounts. Wasn’t a brown out as it didn’t go into failsafe (had left aileron on as it crashed not neutral). My own stupid fault, I have had doubts about the ESC after the last 2 flights, but it always tested okay on the bench. Since first crash I have replaced the batteries, motors & Rx. Think the twink is glue-able but l am loosing faith in electrickery.

More Twinstar tweaks

Seems I have a duff motor in the Twink, was doing some testing with props and found the right motor was down on power. So it now has a fresh set of 480 motors batteries all charged up ready for a flight later, videos to follow.

Twinstar props

Tried a set of the original props today, much less thrust than the ASP ones. So the hunt for some 6×5 or 7×5 props is on.

ASP top, original bottom


Quick way to test 2 prop sizes, fit both & see which way it swings when hung from the ceiling!


Twinstar gallery

Twinstar gallery

Really like this one

Tempted to get another one & give it wheels, a scale paint job and some brushless/lipo power.

Thinking of upsizing the props on mine, not impressed with the performance in the wind yesterday. Currently have 5.5×4.5 on it, will see what is available in the model shop tomorrow.

Flying club visit

Dropped the 109 off with its new owner today at Runcorn flying association near Frodsham. Very nice flying site with a decent club house, seems they do fry ups! Will be back soon.

The 109’s new owner had an unfortunate wing fold on a plane he got off ebay, video of what they got up to last week