A sunny June 1st

Managed to get a couple of flights in on the Twink. Camera working okay this time :) Managed to bash one of the aileron pushrods walking into the field which bent it slightly & required a bit of trim on the first flight, other than that and some poor attempts at landing on the narrow track in the long grass some good flights. Looks like the field will be cut for silage shortly so will try and get the Travelair out for some nitro flying




The 109

After looking at it in the box for months & having no where to build it until my workshop is built I decided to ebay it off. It is now flying in Southern Italy! Workshop build is back under way and have my eye on a 73″ Warkhawk I have seen for sale. Need to get the workshop finished first though!

Finally a good flying day

Finally a nice flying day when I am not working :) 2 good flights in the twink over St Chads including some soaring with a Buzzard. Just got back to check the video & it seems it han’t recorded¬† :(

Also tried out a new flying patch I have access to, too rough for anything other than the Twinstar but a nice bit flat field. Did have some video of it but lost that also. Maybe later in the week.


Winters over (ish) and the weekend weather forcast is good, time to dust off the Twinstar & stir the sticks again. Checked over & conditioned the battery packs so just need a dry & still day.

During the off season I have been flying on Phoenix 4. They have just release an update to version 5

Phoenix 5

Work and Weather

Are keeping me from a maiden flight on the Wot. Had a few flights with the twink over the last 2 months but every free weekend it seems to rain :(

OS 120 installed in the Wot

Had all sorts of problems getting it to run at anything above idle until I spotted I had the feed and return pipes from the tank back to front, doh.
Just need to trim the throttle correctly, add a splice to the fuel line so I can fuel it easier, add a remote for the choke and mixture needle and get a smaller prop.