Go Pro

Finally got myself a Go Pro off ebay, video quality is much improved, unfortunately upload speeds to youtube are in hours now due to really slow broadband & bigger files :(

Need to find a lower mount for the camera, it sticks up a bit too high above the wing and upsets the stability of the Twinstar a bit, also makes a good air brake!


The RV-4 arrived, and its had a hard trip, cowl & a wheel spat are cracked & chipped, plus the fuselage floor behind the wing is split & the former broken. Time to test HobbyKing’s returns system :(

Van’s RV-4

I have been hunting down a Hangar 9 RV-8 for a year and yet to find a new kit, I think they have been discontinued since 2013 now so given up hope. After posting a request for an RV-8 over on RCME’s forum I was directed to an RV-4 HobbyKing sell.

Seems I have another addition to the hangar now! If only the weather would improve so I could actually go an fly some of them!

Twinstar is brushless & Li-po powered

All swapped over, gone from 480 can motors with 9.6v Ni-mh to E-MAX 1500Kv brushless with 11.1v 5500mAh Li-po battery. The Li-po battery is about 2/3rds the weight of the Ni-mh and the motors less than 1/2 the weight of the old can motors. Power should be 300watts. Just need some wind/snow/hail/rain free hours over the weekend to test.


I was going to just swap the motor mount plate to the rear position in the engine bay but the new motor wouldn’t centre on the plate.

So mounted to the front and trimmed the back part of the mount down to sit the props as far back as I could go

Final position, shortened the mounts by about 15mm

Motor Swap

Started the brushless swap on the Twinstar, so far carefully cut out the engine mounts so I can move them back enough to mount the new motors on the front of the engine mounts. Also cut a channel in the wing to get at the motor loom, will epoy it back in when I fit the wiring for the new speed controllers.

Next day service

Can’t fault BRC Hobbies for their service, less than 24hours from the order being made I have the brushless conversion kit for the Twinstar :)

Twinstar Brushless Conversion Kit


A parcel from HobbyKing has arrived too, what to do first…..

HobbyKing Go Discover

Had an email off HobbyKing this morning, these are currently on offer at about 1/2 price so took the plunge & bought one & a couple of 4s Lipo’s.
My first flying wing! Will have to get a go pro sorted now :)



FPV looks good!