Winters over (ish) and the weekend weather forcast is good, time to dust off the Twinstar & stir the sticks again. Checked over & conditioned the battery packs so just need a dry & still day.

During the off season I have been flying on Phoenix 4. They have just release an update to version 5

Phoenix 5

Work and Weather

Are keeping me from a maiden flight on the Wot. Had a few flights with the twink over the last 2 months but every free weekend it seems to rain :(

OS 120 installed in the Wot

Had all sorts of problems getting it to run at anything above idle until I spotted I had the feed and return pipes from the tank back to front, doh.
Just need to trim the throttle correctly, add a splice to the fuel line so I can fuel it easier, add a remote for the choke and mixture needle and get a smaller prop.

ST3000 first run

Well I finally got around to running up the Wot 4 / ST3000. Glow driver installed earlier, makes for hassle free starting. Bad news is that its noisy. Think the OS fs-120 will get put in the Wot now

Hangar 9 bf109

A few shots of the fuz & wings. Need to clear the workbench (dining room table!) to start assembling. Quality is nice but I really need to look at a better solution for the tailwheel, the stock tailwheel is far too forward and very unscale like.